Writing a SchemaΒΆ

Schemas should follow valid JSON schema. These schemas can be written in valid YAML or JSON.

At a minimum, valid schemas should have the following keys:

  • $id : a valid URL where the schema lives.

  • version : schema version.

  • title : name of the schema

  • description : documentation for the schema

  • properties : attributes of the event being emitted.

    Each property should have the following attributes:

    • title : name of the property
    • description: documentation for this property.
    • pii: (optional) boolean for whether this property is personally identifiable information or not.
  • required: list of required properties.

Here is a minimal example of a valid JSON schema for an event.

$id: url.to.event.schema
version: 1
title: My Event
description: |
  All events must have a name property
type: object
    title: Name
    description: |
        Name of event
    type: string
- name